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Hi my name is Rachel Haggerty. I’m an abolitionist, wife and mom of a teenage girl and tween boy. I have been a small business owner, fitness enthusiast and educator. I have a testimony that illustrates God can redeem the lowliest sinner and turn what was once ashes, in to something beautiful.

Originally from the Bay Area in California. I moved to South Lake Tahoe in the Winter of 1999, where I met my husband. We remained in Northern Nevada (excluding a few short lived relocations that didn’t work out) until May 2015 where we relocated to Southern Nevada just outside of Sin City Las Vegas (the Lord always has a plan, right?!)

My husband and I married in 2000. We were ‘Christians’. Looking back, I was not abiding in Christ, and although I grew up going to church with friends and attending youth group, I’m not sure I was ever truly born again. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that I believe I was saved. I had been living separated from my husband for 2 years and divorced for 6 months. By the grace of God, he put me in a church with a dear person who exhorted me to repent, and ask for forgiveness. From God and those I’d sinned against. My husband and I reconciled and were remarried in November 2013.

I continue to cling to Christ, learn scripture and share the gospel. One of the ways I do this is by bringing the evil of abortion into conflict with the gospel. I believe abortion is the evil of our age and a grave national sin. Our country will never be blessed with the blood of over 60 million babies on our hands. Proverbs tell us God hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

During our broadcast, we will explore abolition. Taking a look at abolition throughout history, topics ranging from different wicked pro life laws, immediatism vs incrementalism, and who is our neighbor. It would be impossible to leave out politics, Supreme Court rulings and legislation when discussing abolishing abortion. Whether you are in agreement or not, we will open up and encourage discussion on every topic.